Energy comprehensive utilization project of spandex system
在氨綸生產過程中通過使用熱管換熱器綜合利用系統能量。平均每噸氨綸能耗可節約0.7噸標煤,以單線最大產量6 t/天計,單條線投資成本約為60萬元,回收期為半年,具有良好的經濟、社會效益。 Through the use of heat pipe heat exchanger, the energy of the system is used in the production of spandex. The average energy consumption per ton of spandex can save 0.7 tons of standard coal, and the maximum output per line is 6 t/ days. The cost of single line investment is about 600 thousand yuan, and the payback period is half a year, which has good economic and social benefits.