Research and development project of a new type of energy saving evaporation technology for nickel sulfate solution in a company
The project successfully applied the MVR technology to the NiSO4 evaporation process, which has obvious effect on energy saving and emission reduction. The scale of the device is 3m3/h, which runs 20 hours per day for 350 days per year, and the annual output of nickel sulfate is 10 thousand tons. The investment needs about 3 million 500 thousand yuan, which can save 1 million 798 thousand and 300 yuan for the company every year, and it can be recovered in less than two years. Every year, the project can reduce the heat discharged to the environment by about 6.27 * 1010 kJ, which is equivalent to 2139 t standard coal, and can reduce the emission of CO2 by 5327.1 T, SO2 by 160.5 T, and NOx by 80.2 T. This project brings great benefits to the local ecological environment, eliminating the pollution of the atmospheric environment, and improving local air quality.